About us

Big Data Digital specialising in everything ‘cloud”.

We have been working with Cloud technologies well before anyone had coined the term ‘cloud’.  Now with every IT company on the ‘cloud’ bandwagon, what sets us apart is the longevity of our expertise and the range of services we offer.  From Cloud Governance at Board level, through to implementations and migrations from on premise technologies over to cloud, we have seen and done it all!

In 2010, after a number of successful Salesforce.com implementations, we decided to get to know Salesforce.com a whole lot better and became an Australian partner.  We chose Salesforce.com to partner with because of their approach to cloud computing, their fantastic product range (ever increasing) and because they like us, truly believe that if you empower your staff with the right technology, great results will happen.

Big Data Digital now works with everything Salesforce to deliver their full range of services and solutions.   This includes their traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions through to their Force.com development platform and the numerous applications that are available via their AppExchange.

So If you’d like to understand more about who we are and how we might help you on your Salesforce.com, the Cloud or your business and technology needs, simply contact us today or call on 1300 506 309.