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Our Clients

Let’s face it, without you there would be no us. Here’s a few of you

We help you … 


We don’t wear cowboy hats here! This means we only work with leading, reliable, trusted technologies. We won’t lock you into anything that can’t be maintained by industry professionals.


We thrive on new technology ideas. If you have one, share it with us, our job is to help you bring it to life.

Upwardly mobile

We are mobile; anywhere, anytime is our mantra. We know humans are now blending their technology, work and social worlds all into one. Being mobile means you choose when to do what.


There’s no red tap here, we’re into process but only for productive outcomes. If you think we can do something better, just let us know!

Our Process

Take a general look at the process we use
when we implement a new project

1. Idea

Does the idea have legs? If so, we ensure it will deliver value before we move forward.

2. Planning

Plan twice, build once! We're agile all the way, seeing us continually plan with you.

3. Create

Participation by you is key as we create, it's the fun part.

4. Success

The best part, seeing your technology success & creating longevity.

Latest News



The Power of CRM

We thought we would reflect on the last 12 months and the common pain points new prospects come to us with. Reviewing these pain points, a lot comes down to the fact that they are using Salesforce Sales Cloud as a database rather than a CRM. What are the differences between a database and a CRM you ask? It’s extending beyond the capabilities of just a...

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It’s time to make the move to Lightning Experience

It’s time, unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand for over a year, you would have heard of the new Salesforce Lightning Experience interface and its definitely time to make the move. Lightning Experience has come a long way since the first release, and the feedback from our clients who have made the switch has been very positive. They are now spending less time doing data entry and...

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What we love about Salesforce CPQ

After being involved in a number of Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) projects we have been told by our clients it has streamlined their business and sales process. They are able to guide their sales team intuitively through the CPQ interface to upsell, bundle, select, and quote the right product combinations based on very complex product and pricing rules. This has ensured their customers are receiving...

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Where to start when you’re new to Salesforce

We are often ask by our clients or even individuals keen to learn about the Salesforce platform where to start on some of the basics of learning Salesforce. Salesforce launched last year their new Trailhead website providing administrators and developers with a set of short online tutorials. What is Lightning Experience and where do I start? The site provide users with short training modules containing all the...

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Salesforce Lightning for Outlook Review

Finally, a well integrated Salesforce Outlook app that works well with both Outlook Web App (browser based) and Outlook on your desktop (2013 / 2016). No need to install those clunky add-ons in Outlook that tend to disappear at times if your Outlook crashes. We had a chance to test out the Lightning for Salesforce functionality this week, both from within Outlook on the desktop and Outlook Web...

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