Salesforce Support

It’s all about business continuity insurance!”

At Big Data Digital we understand how important support of your investment is.  It’s one thing to have great software but you also need great support to keep things up and running.  Here at Big Data Digital we work with you to determine the most appropriate support plans for you.

We often find our clients engage in the model if they already have Salesforce up and running and are looking to further refine their environment. We will give you a login to the Big Data Digital Support Centre so you can log support requests as your business needs assistance. Your request is then assigned to a Salesforce Consultant to perform the work required.

We offer 2‘standard’ flexible agreements which are:

>> Block support hours – You can choose to purchase 10, 20, 50 upwards block support hours to use within a set amount of time. This is a good starting option if your trying to work out the average number of tickets before moving onto the support plan.

>> Support Plan – We will work with you to define a number of support tickets your organisation needs to raise within a month. We provide a monthly status report to you including new support tickets raised in the month, support tickets closed in the month, and some Salesforce statistics such as data and file storage usage, customer activity, top salespeople and other KPIs we can define with you.

Our support centre is located in Australia and employs industry standard methodologies and approaches. This means you will have our 1300 support number to call and access to our online support centre to request, track and monitor your support issues.  Our support is all about giving you piece of mind that we are only a phone call or email away from assisting you…and that we can quickly resolve any issues you may have.

So, if you’d like to find out more about how we work with you through our support centre, simply talk to us at or ring us on 1300 506 309.  We will work with you to suggest which is the best way to engage with us that will work best for both parties.