CRM Strategy


Whilst a CRM platform is an integral part of delivering your CRM strategy, its important you define your strategy first before implementing a CRM. Your strategy should address how you will acquire and retain your customers, who are your target customers and segments, what are your customers profiles, and how are you going to sell, service and market to them. It also should be reflective of your overall business strategy and provide a key input into your marketing strategy.

Whilst the CRM platform gives you the tools to analyse and report on key metrics and information and drive the strategy, a CRM platform should be able to tell you your customers interests, purchasing behaviours and what really influences them to convert. Was it your timely discount offers, or another factor such as social media sharing, virality and word of mouth about your products and/or services? What marketing campaigns deliver the highest ROI? How do we recognise and reward for our customers loyalty, and how satisfied are our customers?

We have seen clear, measurable ROI from implementing a well defined CRM strategy and using Salesforce as the platform to deliver it on.

Salesforce Customer Success

Let us take your through the journey and work with you to make a CRM strategy work for your organisation.