Where to start when you’re new to Salesforce

Where to start when you’re new to Salesforce

We are often ask by our clients or even individuals keen to learn about the Salesforce platform where to start on some of the basics of learning Salesforce.

Salesforce launched last year their new Trailhead website providing administrators and developers with a set of short online tutorials.

What is Lightning Experience and where do I start?

The site provide users with short training modules containing all the basic information required to learn a certain feature of Salesforce, what the use case for the feature is, and how to use it.

We find Trailheads are a good first step in learning the Salesforce platform with the existing online help, implementation guides, full courses and certification compliment.

If you don’t currently have a Salesforce or test/sandbox environment and would like to run through the tutorials you also can sign up for a Developer Edition here.

Otherwise, if you are starting on a new implementation project and you just want to call in the experts who have lived and breathed Salesforce for years, contact us today!

Kara Henry-Cocks

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