Salesforce Einstein Analytics

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Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Your organisation data is growing exponentially every day and the ability to explore to understand current trends, why it is happening and analyse scenarios of what is likely to happen is becoming an increasingly difficult and time consuming task. Ask yourself are you over spending hours manipulating data in spreadsheets and trying to turn them into something meaningful for management? Then you need Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics allows you to turn this expansive data into meaningful metrics and graphs that allow you to manipulate and explore, enabling business decisions and insights to occur in real time. These metrics may be from across your entire business since Einstein Analytics allows you to reference external data that resides outside of just the Salesforce platform. If you’re looking at more ways to explore your Salesforce data, or combine this data from a data warehouse or other external systems, Salesforce Einstein Analytics is the product you need.

Big Data Digital has extensive knowledge of how to manipulate data to display your business metrics in a meaningful and graphical way. These graphs may be to help our clients analyse pipeline, forecasts, customer or service metrics or even operational data that will break down barriers to data accessibility, exploration and actionability for key analytics users. This means a full view of data is available to our clients on the mobile or desktop, allowing problems to be identified and solved faster.

If you would like to discuss how Salesforce Einstein Analytics may work within your organisation, talk with us today.