Date: 03 Jul 2014


In late 2013 Big Data Digital was awarded the tender to work with GSR as their Salesforce partner.  The 2014 program of work includes over 10+ projects of configuration, training and integration of their Salesforce environment.  Our success was based on a number of factors including:

  • Our proven experience across a wide range of clients and industries
  • Our detailed knowledge of the Salesforce platform
  • Our work with integration of Salesforce to many various technologies
  • Our business approach with clients being transparent and friendly

Our work with them has been a great opportunity to build a strong and valued partnership together.   We are continuing to grow this relationship by working across a range of projects and areas of the business.  2015 looks even more exciting with a range of projects that will see us jointly add value to both the operations of GSR and their ever expanding client base.