Date: 03 Jul 2014

GKR understand the importance of  CRM to their ongoing membership success.

GKR Karate Salesforce Implementation

In late 2010, GKR decided to centralise its student membership information to enable it to provide additional membership support, and to advise its members of up and coming events and promotions.

It was decided that a customisable CRM such as ‘Salesforce’ was needed and in procurement of Salesforce, GKR obtained the services of the team at Big Data Digital.

Under a tight deadline of only a few months, the team at Big Data Digital was able to provide guidance to our team to ensure extracts of all the necessary information to configure our database to accommodate this massive flow of information.

The end result is a fully customised CRM configured by a professional organisation in a timely manner.  We’d like to thank Kara and the team at Big Data Digital for all of their work to date and look forward to our ongoing relationship.

International Administrator Manager GKR Karate

About GKR Karate

G0-Kan-Ryu Karate (GKR) is a martial arts organisation, teaching a traditional Japanese style of karate, founding by Robert Sullivan in Adelaide, South Australia in 1984.  It has since become one of the world’s largest karate organisations, with over 30,000 students training each week throughout Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Houston – Texas.