Date: 14 Jul 2017

Bostik helps bring their sales team together on the Salesforce platform”

In 2016 Big Data Digital were engaged by Bostik to assist with the initial implementation of Salesforce for their Australian sales team. They had tremendous vision and plans to be smarter in the way they work with their customers to better collaborate, communicate and service their needs. They knew Salesforce was the right platform to deliver this vision.

Our engagement included defining the business needs for Bostik, facilitating requirements workshops through a number of design thinking sessions, educating the client on CRM and working with them to truly define how Salesforce would revolutionise the current way they work.  We then configured, implemented and rolled out the solution across the Australian sales force, of 60+ staff.

The project was successful and the organisation now uses Salesforce as one their primary work tools. The sales team has adapted very quickly to the solution and now have visibility to key sales metrics and product information anywhere, anytime. Leading to quicker resolution of customer queries, being able to upsell and cross sell their products ranged within stores, and keep the finger on the pulse around competitor activities.

They have seen growth in sales, sales team engagement, and customer satisfaction, attributed to the collaboration happening across the team on the Salesforce platform.