How We Got To Now

Where we are today is a result of where we have been…and what we have learnt along with way.”

Big Data Digital (formerly BrabhamForce) was founded in 2010 in Adelaide, South Australia as a separate entity to the Brabham Group. We recognised the potential of the Salesforce platform, enabling our clients to work smarter and deliver technology and business outcome far quicker than any other application we had come across.

This entity was headed up and managed by Kara Henry-Cocks who’s past career included working with large multinational consulting firms including DMR Consulting and Fujitsu Consulting down to smaller digital agencies. Having a broad technical background, and having always worked with businesses in a true consulting role meant we have always seen the importance of working with people to transform their investment in technology for business success.

Having grassroots and partnership with the Brabham Group of companies also means we are also able to offer a true Digital Consulting company, offering independent strategic expert advice and assistance to clients on how to leverage technology for better business outcomes.

In early 2016 we decided to rename our entity as Big Data Digital to represent more holistically our Salesforce and digital expertise.

For us it just made sense to break Big Data Digital apart from our traditional consulting and other work.    This part of our business has continued to grow at a rapid rate and by having it as a separate subsidiary we are able to focus all our attention within Big Data Digital on our Salesforce and digital work.”

Kara Henry-Cocks
Technical Director

Close to seven years working on the broad range of services in the Salesforce and digital space the company is now well established, successful, and growing.