Are we right for each other

Business relationships can often be just like the dating game!”.

In the beginning both parties are exciting about working together, they promise each other the world, they are on their best behaviour and it all seems exciting, both are sure it will last forever.

Then over time you realise that it can become ‘hard work’ to keep the relationship working well.

The promises made to are hard to keep, the excitement dwindles and some days it can just be plain hard work. So here’s how we see our relationship with you.

We don’t’ make promise we can’t kept. This is important to understand. Please don’t ask us to promise something we cannot control. What does this really mean. We won’t promise you your technology won’t have a bad day every now and then. We won’t promise you it will be easy and a walk in the park getting it to work right. We won’t promise you we’ll work for free, we do actually need to earn a living too!

What we will promise you is:

  • That we will only promise you things we can confidently deliver on and control.
  • That we will be committed to seeing it through with you; the ups and the downs.
  • That we will respect you and your business, no matter what shape it is in.
  • That we will expect to be paid a fair and reasonable fee for our services when we deliver.
  • That we will tell it like it is.

We are here to help you do things better. Telling you how wonderful you and your business is will not achieve this.

We are transparent and caring in how we work with you and your staff. But ultimately our job is to effect change for you. If we can’t do that with and for you we will tell you and pack our bags.

If sounds corny and it’s used far too often, but ‘your success is our success’. We know that if you are not successful, you will not remain in business. The best outcome for us is to see you thrive, grow and be sustainable.


  • Please do not ask us to work for free (we wouldn’t expect you to either).
  • Work with us in a friendly collaborative manner.
  • Be open to new ideas and ways of doing things.
  • Allow us to get to know you and your company well.
  • Allow us to discuss things openly with you (even challenge you).
  • Allow us to help your business and its people change for the better.

Enough said…let’s get cracking, get it touch with us.